A Slow Pace of LIfe

The Elsa Valley and the Cecina Valley are two absolutely charming areas to visit in Tuscany. Filettro holiday farmhouse is an excellent base from which to explore all that Tuscany has to offer.

From here you can take a trip to visit the nearby historical town of Volterra continue to the quaint village of Mazzolla and on further tothe Medieval town of San Gimignano.

On a fine day you can choose to have a swim in the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy a stroll through the coastal Pine forests between Cecina and Bibbona.

Filettro farmhouse is ideally located for leisurely country walks and bike rides.

We have listed a few of the places of interest in the vicinity of the farmhouse which can be reached on foot or just a 10 min drive away:

5 min - 2,7 km

Camaldolite Abbey

On the north side of the historical hilltop town of Volterra the magnificent Medieval abbey dedicated to San Giusto now stands abandoned before the sheer cliff edge of Le Balze.

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6 min - 3,1 km

The Mandringa Water Spring and Boulder Stone

In the past, this water spring played a very important social role for it was where the women gathered by day to wash their clothes and where the witches assembled at night. The boulder of Mandringa which indicates the presence of the water spring is considered to be a place of worship for the followers of Wicca.

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7 min - 3,3 km

The Crags

These plunging cliffs, created by a landslip, are a distinguishing feature of Volterra, dramatic and rather perturbing, the site also offers a spectacular panoramic view stretching towards the distant horizon to the sea.

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7 min - 3,6 km

Prato Marzio

The road from the farm house leading to Volterra is a scenic route and affords a magnificent view of Prato Marzio amid the visible traces of the Etruscan defensive wall, a perfect dog friendly spot for a picnic.

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8 min - 3,8 km

San Giusto Church

The monumental Church dedicated to San Giusto and San Clemente is certainly the most imposing architectural feature of this neighbourhood, rebuilt on this site when the original Church was engulfed by the landslip which formed Balze (the Crags).

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8 min - 3,8 km

Etruscan Tombs

Just below the Church of San Giusto there are two 5th century BCE Etruscan tombs.

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