Filettro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The traditional time to harvest olives in Tuscany is from the end of October right through to mid-December depending on the weather conditions.

We enjoy picking our olives and although it is a lot of hard work we do so with pride and joy because we know it is all worth it.

It is important to have a good knowledge about olive cultivation to be able to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil for cultivation is the most important step in the production process.

The cultivation cycle includes knowledge about the varieties of olive, pruning and fertilization of the trees, climate conditions, method of harvesting, time of harvesting, pressing and preservation methods.

Although extra virgin olive oil is becoming more and more celebrated and consumed throughout the world we are still far from a factual “knowledge” about its production for a discerning and appropriate purchase of
this very precious and valuable commodity.

The harvesting process plays a key role in determining the ultimate quality, flavour and aroma of extra virgin olive oil.

If you come and stay at the Filettro farmhouse during the olive harvest you will not only see how meticulously and intensively we work but you can also take part in the olive picking!

After a brief introduction to the day’s activities we will lay out the nets below the olive trees and show you the best method of picking olives by hand and how to use an olive picking rake. Children are also welcome to take part in these activities.

When the olives have been harvested and taken to the mill to be pressed, the new olive oil will be labelled Filettro. The olive oil is only available for sale to our guests.

For guests who wish to taste Filettro’s excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, Silvia offers a buffet of her delicious bruschette (toasted Tuscan bread slices) with fresh tomatoes, Pecorino cheese and locally sourced wine.